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    • A pair of fires Wednesday keep Township 12 and Sawyer firefighters busy

    • Two fires Wednesday had Sawyer and Township 12 firefighters busy with two separate fires, one just north of Sawyer and one in the Southwest Truck salvage yard north of 54 Pickup and one a mile north and a mile west of Sawyer. The Southwest Pickup fire started Wednesday afternoon when an employee was using a cutting torch to cut up an old Rainbow Bread truck and caught the cab and grass on fire. The fire completely destroyed the truck cab, damaged a cab next to it and burned some grass. The Sawyer fire started late in the morning when the wind re-ignited a brush pile that Mark Mason burned around 2 a.m. one mile north and one mile west of Sawyer. The fire burned some grass and some no-till in a field next to the grass. No one was injured in either fire. 

      Posted Jun. 24, 2011