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    • One rescued and one missing in pair of accidents

    • Pratt County Emergency Services were called into service twice Monday to rescue a repair man and to a rollover accident with no victim in sight. Eric Blanc of BTI Pratt was standing on top of a tractor tire when he fell between the dual tires and was trapped with one leg above and one below the axle. He was able to call for help on a cell phone and was quickly rescued after the outside dual was removed. Around 9:30 p.m. Monday emergency units were called to a one vehicle rollover accident one and a half miles south of Coats. A 1998 Dodge van was found upside down with no one inside or outside the van that belongs to Jose Gomez of Oklahoma City. A search of the area and Coats has revealed no one from the accident. Pratt County Sheriff's Office has been unable to locate Gomez to determine if he or someone else was driving the vehicle. The sheriff's office continues to look for victims from the wreck. 

      Posted Oct. 6, 2011