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    • Apache helicopters refuel in Pratt

    • A quartet of Apache helicopters made a brief stopover at the Pratt Regional Airport Tuesday, Nov. 15. The Delta model helicopters were being transferred from Fort Collins, Colo. to Fort Campbell, Ky., home of the 101st Airborne and stopped at the airport to refuel and allow the crews to take a break. It took about 20 minutes for each helicopter to refuel. Each of the helicopters kept their motors running with the rotors shut off during the entire fueling time. Each helicopter also kept the motor running the entire time they were on the ground. As one helicopter would finish filing it would fly to the grass between the taxiway and the main runway and wait for the other helicopters to fuel. Once the refueling process was complete the four helicopters took off and headed east to Branson, Mo. where they would spend the night before heading on to Fort Campbell on Wednesday. 

      Posted Nov. 17, 2011