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    • Fire guts house, mom and son escape unharmed

    • Brandi Weers and her son Corbin Weers escaped their burning house uninjured Tuesday morning. Brandi was on her bed when she smelled smoke and discovered the living room full of smoke. She got Corbin and tried to leave by the front door but it was blocked by smoke and fire so they backtracked through the house to the back door that was also blocked with heavy smoke and heat. But they had no other way out so Brandi picked up Corbin and carried him through the smoke and out the back door to safety. Her other children, Dakota Kocher, Brittani Weers and Alli Propffitt were at school at the time of the fire. Two cats in the house were also rescued from the house after the fire was out. Two dogs were in the front yard at the time of the fire and were also not injured. The house and contents were all heavily damaged with smoke, fire and water. 

      Posted Nov. 24, 2011