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    • Santorum wins Pratt Republican caucus

    • Like Kansas Republicans, Pratt County Republicans voted overwhelmingly in favor of Rick Santorum in the statewide Republican caucus Saturday. Of the 192 credentialed voters in Pratt County, 106 cast ballots for Santorum equaled 55 percent of the total vote. The state vote was 52.1 percent in favor of Santorum. The other state results were very similar to the Pratt results as well. Mitt Romney placed second in both contests with Pratt casting 19 percent of their ballots for him while 20.9 percent of the state voters chose Romney. In third place in both contests was Newt Gingrich scoring 16 percent of the Pratt votes while gathering 14.4 percent of the state Republicans. Ron Paul did not score as high with Pratt voters as he did across the rest of the state gathering only two percent of the Pratt vote while capturing 12.6 in the state vote. Pratt also registered two uncommitted ballots, nine invalid ballots plus five provisional ballots. The Pratt Republican Caucus was 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Municipal Building. 

      Posted Mar. 15, 2012