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    • Car burns in church parking lot

    • A fire of unknown origin caused a car fire in the Presbyterian Church parking lot Sunday afternoon. Randy Bemiss, the golf coach for Kansas Wesleyan University, had met up with Kamie Bush, a student he recruited from Pratt Community College, in the Presbyterian Church parking lot. He left his 2000 Mustang and took her car to Park Hills County Club for training. About a half hour later the Law Enforcement Center received a call that a car was on fire in the Methodist Church parking lot across from Kentucky Fried Chicken. However there was no car on fire there but the Mustang was on fire in the Presbyterian Church parking lot. When firefighters arrived, flames were shooting out all the way around the hood of the car. Firefighters got the hood up and got the fire out but not before it caused extensive damage to the engine compartment, hood, fenders, front windshield and tire on the driver’s side. Exact cause of the fire was unknown. Bemiss said he smelled antifreeze when he shut the car off but it is unknown if that had anything to do with the fire.  

      Posted Aug. 2, 2012