It was a pretty good day for the Smith children Friday at the market beef judging at the Pratt County Fair.

It was a pretty good day for the Smith children Friday at the market beef judging at the Pratt County Fair.

Garret Smith took home the Grand Champion award and won Intermediate Showmanship while sister Adison Smith had the Reserve Grand Champion and won the Junior Showmanship competition. Both are Glendale Reapers.

Lincoln Climbers Chyenne Orler captured the Senior Showmanship award.

Preparing a Grand Champion is a very time consuming project but it’s worth it when you get to the top, Garret said.

“ It feels good. It’s a great experience,” Garret said. “I like getting to show and see how well I do.”

Garret has been showing beef for five years and showing steers for three. He spends hours every day getting the steer ready. He keeps control of his steer by building a strong relationship with the animal. He will pet it, scratch its head, spend time messing with it and he even talks to it a lot to keep it calm.

Although it takes a lot of time and hard work to take on a project like this, Garret enjoys it and would recommend it to other 4-H’ers.

Adison, who is 10 and has shown beef for three years, is a lot smaller than her 1,310 pound winner in the All Other Breeds category. She had just one word to describe what she liked best about competing, “Winning.”

She spent a lot of time working every day with her steer to get it ready for the arena. She spent time washing, feeding, working on making the steer stop and go.

“The hard part is making them go,” Adison said.

Control is important and it was difficult to control her steer when people would clap and it would get spooked, Adison said.

Adison works with the steer for several months and gets some help from family including her grandfather Kent Smith who sold her the steer.

Orler had to work hard Friday to capture her Senior Showmanship win. Her steer was hot, aggressive and tried to run but her hours of work before the fair paid off.

“I felt comfortable,” Orler said. “You have to keep ‘legged-up’ to stay on top of your animal.”

Market Beef Judge Glen Brunkow, Pottawatomie County Extension Agent, said Garret’s winning steer had the best combination of muscle finish, a nice profile and good structure. The industry is looking for meat and muscle and that was Garret’s steer.

“He had a whole lot of muscle,” Brunkow said. 

Adison’s animal also had a good profile. It was a good “growthy” animal, it was a big fast growing animal, Brunkow said.

As a judge, Brunkow tries to translate what the 4-H’ers do into a real world experience of producing a good carcass animal and both Smith’s did that.

Overall, Brunkow was impressed with the quality of livestock and the 4-H’ers hard work.

“This was a tremendous set of steers. I have to commend all the 4-H’ers and their leaders,” Brunkow said. “You can go a long way and not see this kind of quality.”

There were similar attributes among the three showmanship winners. They had obviously worked hard before the fair and each knew the project information, said Showmanship Judge Stacey Fischer, co-owner of Fischer Cattle Company in Great Bend.

She was impressed that through the entire competition they never stopped showing while they were in the ring. The winners were separated from the others because of feet placement and the constant eye contact.

Beef Show Champions

Breed Champions
Angus     Garret Smith
Reserve     Chyenne Orler
Crossbred     Madison Moore
Reserve     Sam Howell
Maine-Anjou     Garret Smith
Reserve     Charles Kruse
Red Angus     Ty Montgomery
Reserve     Samantha McGuire
All Other Breeds
    Adison Smith
Reserve     Tanner McFarland

Senior        Chyenne Orler
Reserve     Samantha McGuire
Intermediate     Garret Smith
Reserve     Makala Orler
Junior     Adison Smith
Reserve     Ty Montgomery