Imagine a high school without an active Pep Club.

High school students across the nation look forward to three things, homecoming, prom and graduation.

Skyline students started off the school year with one concern on their minds, "Who is going to be the Pep Club sponsor?" The position was empty for the first couple of weeks of school. With homecoming three weeks away, students were wondering if there would even be one, since the Pep Club is usually in charge of the event.

"I was so worried we didn't have anybody yet," junior Ascha Lee said.

Staff member Summer Younie saw that no one was interested in taking on the job, so she spoke up and added Pep Club sponsor on to her to-do list. Besides Pep Club, Younie's list consists of being a high school history teacher, volleyball coach, track coach, FCA sponsor and the freshmen sponsor. At the end of the day she goes home to be a mother and a wife. At times, Younie feels like she is way over her head, but that everyday feeling is what makes her function.

"I wouldn't know how to live if I wasn't busy," she said.

The students are happy and proud that Younie volunteered to be the sponsor.

"I think that is very noble of her for taking that position," senior Amanda Urban said. "I know she has a lot on her plate."

At the moment, Younie is on her own as the sponsor. She said that she has people she can count on to help her out. As far as students go, she is expecting the them to take on an active role in Pep Club.

"I think I have a lot I can contribute," Younie said.

Her plan for homecoming has a mixture of new and traditional ideas for the assembly. The decorations and structure of homecoming will be different.

"Hopefully it will strike up some long-lost school spirit," Younie said.

The spirit may have been recovered. After hearing Younie's ideas, the students are excited to begin homecoming. Instead of the traditional gym decorating, the high school grades will compete against each other. They will be building floats that correspond to the overall homecoming theme.

"I like the idea and I'm ready to smoke the competition," senior Brandon Baird said.

The class with the winning float will be awarded Fall Homecoming class spirit winner. The class will be pictured with it's float in the front trophy case and will also get an ice cream sundae party.

Tony Marquez is a senior at Skyline School.