Website and iPads make learning fun.

The third graders at Skyline are getting a chance to experience a new type of learning.

Teachers Bjorn Halderson and Carrie Harrold created a web site to help teach science. They are using the easy web site creator, Weebly.

"Instead of using science textbooks, we are using web sites to teach science," Harrold said.

The web site they created has links for each task that the students will study. The third graders will be studying the different biomes before choosing the biome that they would like to specialize in. The students will then have to use what they learn to create a documentary that could be used in a museum.

The students are working in groups of two for the project. All of the work is done on the iPads. Third grader Anay Patel enjoys working with the iPads because he is already familiar with them from home.

"I like doing my research online better than in a book," Patel said.

The students use the iPads to go to the web site where there is research information.

Harrold and Halderson take turns teaching each group of third graders a different biome. Halderson is currently teaching about the desert and Harrold is teaching about the tundra. They will then switch groups and continue this until each group has learned all six of the biomes.

"Kids are asking when we are going to have science again," Halderson said.

Because the students are enjoying the technology, the teachers hope to make it even more interactive.

Patel said he is enjoying "studying the tundra and all of the different things that grow on the tundra."

The web site is still in its beginning stages but both teachers have high hopes for it. They are planning on using the web site as a teaching tool at least this semester.

Katelyn Kumberg is a senior at Skyline Schools.