Holograms, ultra-violet pictures and ghost images are the latest security features to adorn the new Kansas driver's licenses.

Holograms, ultra-violet pictures and ghost images are the latest security features to adorn the new Kansas driver's licenses.

Drivers who renew or apply for new licenses this week will the first to receive licenses with the new design, said Jeannine Koranda, Kansas Department of Revenue public information officer.

The new design is part of the built-in four to six year remodel for licenses. The current design started in 2004 so it has lasted eight years.

"It's kind of routine maintenance for the system," Koranda said.

The use of holograms, ultra-violet pictures and ghost images is designed to prevent counterfeiting. The security measures are technically hard to duplicate and the technology is not available to the public.

Because of these security measures, it is very difficult to forge a Kansas driver's license.

"We want to stay a step ahead of counterfeiter. We don't want to deal with this after they are counter-fitting the card," Koranda said. "To our knowledge, there has never been a successful counterfeit of a Kansas driver's license."

The image of the new driver's license will include the following security items:

• Ultra-violet image of the cardholder's portrait and date of birth on the back of the card that is visible in UV light and glows blue. The portrait and birth date are not visible under regular light.

• Multi-colored, highly detailed holograms of the state seal.

• Highly detailed ultra-violet image of the state flower.

• Two ghost images of the cardholder's portrait in addition to the conventional photograph. Ghost images show the face but the background is also visible.

• Tactile printing that can be felt.

The new cards will be phased in over a period of six years with the last of the current cards phasing completely out in 2018. The old design is still valid until the card expires.

While the anti counter-fitting measures are not new, the current technology to produce those measures was not available in 2004 so driver's licenses are more secure than ever.

Along with the new look, the process of getting a license is also undergoing a change.

Previously, getting a license required going to one person with the documents then going to another to get the photo taken but that is going to change.

Now, one person at the Division of Motor Vehicles will do everything to process a license.

With one person verifying all information, getting a license will be easier for the customer and it will make the process more secure, Koranda said.

As in the past, drivers that have not turned 21 will receive a license that is laid out vertically and includes a date under the driver's picture indicating they day they turn 21.

Driver's over 21 will receive a license laid out horizontally.

All this new technology is not going to increase the cost of a license. It will remain the same as it has been since 2004 when the last increase was implemented.