The 2012 Skyline Thunderbird yearbook was recently recognized by the National Scholastic Press Association as an All American yearbook.

The book "Speak Up" was submitted to NSPA for a critique. A critique is a written evaluation of the published work. Professional journalists, experienced media advisers and other media professionals served as judges.

The judge wrote comments and scored the publication in several different areas such as coverage, writing and design. The composite score from all the sections gave the publication an honor rating ranging from Third Class to All American. The All American rating was the highest rating given to any publication in the critique service.

"The staff has done a great job with creating a layout that is not only visually appealing but well organized. Each spread is consistent with the yearbook's theme and relates with other spreads," judge Michelle Elizondo wrote in the critique.

There were fives areas that the judge critiqued; concept/essentials, coverage, design, writing/editing and photography. The Skyline yearbook got marks of distinction in four of those sections.

"You are doing a great job with making sure that scores get into the yearbook," Elizondo wrote. "The scoreboards themselves look really nice and well structured. Your ideas are clever and that shows that your students are thinking outside of the box."

The media that have achieved 10 All American honor ratings in an 11-year span are inducted into the All American Hall of Fame. A paid membership in NSPA is required to submit a critique entry.

NSPA, based and incorporated in Minnesota as a non-profit educational association, provides journalism education training program, media critiques and recognition programs for members.

The organization provides information on development in journalism and student media and provides a forum for members to communicate with others and share their work. NSPA promotes the standards and ethics of good journalism, as accepted and practiced by print, broadcast and electronic media in the United States.

NSPA and its divisions also endorse and advocate free expression rights for student media.

Colin Little is a sophomore at Skyline School