Horizons Mental Health Director Mike Garrett and Counselor Sean Wagner presented Pratt County Commissioners with the agency's quarterly report and expressed concern about what the financial future will bring.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is cutting financial aid to the agency from the state of Kansas. Tobacco Settlement funds will be reduced by $175,000 and the agency is looking at a total of $375,000 in cuts.

Garrett said that he had concerns about the financial future of the organization regardless of which candidate is elected president. Most of the concern related to the impact on the insurance companies.

"CEOs of insurance companies are nervous since they have spent millions of dollars getting ready for Obama Care," said Garrett. "They are hoping to get more customers once it is initiated."

Horizons Mental Health is currently serving an average of 34 clients per day, according to the latest quarterly report. Net patient revenue is for the year is $2,320,754, which is slightly less than the budgeted figure for the year of $2,385,731.

The total operating revenue for the agency is $2,935,999, which is less than the budgeted amount of $2,962,155. The agency has expended $1,591,645 for salaries through September 2012 against a budget of $1,744,928.

Some of the savings for the agency were related to having contract labor instead of in-house staff, according to Garrett. Wagner said additionally he has been aggressively closing open charts to get them off the books. These are individuals who often fail to show up for scheduled appointments over a period of time.

In other matters commissioners:

• Appointed J.W. Keene to a two-year term as Pratt County's representative to the Silver Haired Legislator.

• Were informed by Dean Staab, Pratt County Environmental Director, he has got accounts set up with several recycling companies so the county can sell direct instead of going through Sunflower RC&D.

• Signed travel vouchers for RSVP's Tiffany Ailstock. Ailstock additionally stated she has responded to the recent audit conducted on her agency.

• Approved Pratt County Emergency Management Director Tim Branscom to attended Public Information Officer Training this week.

Branscom also stated he had received a couple of requests as Pratt County Zoning Administrator relating to opening crew camps in Pratt County.

• Were informed by Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur there was a possibility of vacated AT&SF Railroad right-of-way west of Coats going back on the tax rolls in the future.