Glenna Borho received the Republican nomination for the Pratt County Commission in the August primary election. She answers questions posed by the Tribune.

Name: Glenna Borho

Political Party: Republican

Age: 61

Family: Happily married to husband David for 30 years as of Nov. 20

Professional experience: 10 years in purchasing for Original Equipment Manufacturers, over 15 years owner of retail clothing business in Pratt, over 14 years office administrator for Maydew Thibault Optometry, LLC.

Political experience: Former City of Pratt Commissioner, former City of Pratt Mayor.

Community involvement: Member of Pratt Area Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, member of Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce, member of Sacred Heart Church.

What are your top 3 priorities for the office?

• To not only maintain, but improve county roads through short, mid and long term planning.

• With impending energy development, Pratt County has the potential to experience dramatic changes in the near future, With my fellow commissioners we can lead Pratt County in assisting this economic growth.

• To represent all Pratt County residents as opposed to those who would only represent a select few.

In positive terms, what is the main difference between you and your opponent? I am a person of truth, honesty and integrity. I can offer a new and fresh perspective to county government. I promise to spend considerable time studying the budget so that all county taxpayers (especially retired persons) can receive the most for their hard earned tax dollars.