The liner is coming off of the Ellis Kinney Municipal Pool as the city moves to the next step in upgrading the pool system.

The pool has deteriorated to a point that temporary repairs were made to keep the pool open to finish the 2012 swimming season.

Options for the pool are under consideration. Russ Rambat, public works director, presented some of these options to the Pratt City Commissioners during their regular Monday night meeting.

Those options include: installing a new PVC liner; a new fiberglass liner; a new concrete topping slab; restoration of the existing concrete basin.

Kyle McCawley of Larkin Aquatics evaluated the pool and suggested restoration of the existing concrete basin would be best option for the city, Rambat said.

In that option, the existing liner would be removed and the existing concrete would be evaluated.

If the concrete is acceptable, any bad areas would be filled and patched, the seals would all be removed and replaced with new then the pool would be sand blasted and painted, Rambat said.

The restoration solution was favored because removal of some of the liner revealed that concrete basin was in "reasonable condition" and has some remaining years of service plus it is the most economical for the city.

If approved, the first phase of removal would feature a crane lifting a skid loader into the pool and city employees removing the liner. That would save the city money on the project, Rambat said.

If the concrete does require a liner it presents several problems during the winter. A liner needs water in the pool to protect it during the winter. The water becomes stagnant and can develop algae problems.

Whatever solution the city takes will require the removal of the liner.

Another issue for the pool is the opening the wall between the wading pool and the rest of the pool. A rope would be added to help prevent movement between the areas but it is necessary to meet ADA access requirements.

Development continues on the Withers addition on the east side of Pratt. Dale Withers has acquired more property and is pushing dirt to raise the elevation. A drainage ditch trough the property will be straightened to help better develop the property, said Pratt City Manager Dave Howard.

Commissioners wanted further information about new playground equipment for Loren Minnis Park, specifically the type of wood chips used for a fall barrier and could local chips be used and at a lower cost. An $8,000 reduction in cost on the equipment is available until the end of the year. Russ Rambat, Public Works director, said he would have time to look into alternate wood chips and present the information at the next meeting.

"I think it's a pretty good buy," Rambat said.

The city is getting closer to the point where they can put out bids for the Sandy Creek addition at the Maple Street extension to find out the real numbers for development. The language of the bids will guarantee that the city does not have to accept any bids.

Getting bids will help the city know the real numbers they will work with when development starts. Brad Blankenship, city inspector said a couple of contractors and several individuals had shown interest in the development because of the bigger lots.

In other Commission action:

The Commissioners approved the renewal of a lease with the American Legion.

The Commissioners tabled the approval of a new contract with the Pratt Area Humane Society to give the society time to review a revision to the contract concerning the handling of "dangerous or vicious" animals.