We have elected President Obama to serve our country for another year. It's time for politicians to work together for what is best for our country.

The 2012 Presidential Election is now over. Why do so many people seem determined to be sore losers? This year, Barack Obama received a vote of confidence from the majority of Americans, while Mitt Romney is destined for a place within the Gallery of Presidential Also Rans in Norton, Kansas.

Since President Obama has been re-elected through a democratic process to serve our country, my philosophy is, ”Give him another chance.” If you remain dissatisfied with the direction he is taking our country a year or so down the road, go out and buy a “Don’t blame me. I voted for Romney” bumper sticker and be done with it.

Whatever your vote may have been, a phrase from my high school typing class days comes to mind: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” Instead of encouraging further division, which leads our country swiftly down the road to nowhere, I believe that it’s time to demand cooperation from our leaders over ideology. Obama and Obamacare are here to stay for four more years at least. What are the most critical issues facing our nation at this time? We have fringe groups on the left and on the right trying to influence national politics (Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party come to mind). The best course for America is not on the fringes, however. It never has been. The best course for our country depends upon politicians working together. Hate and division will never get us anywhere. It’s what destroys countries. Just look at the Balkans.

America needs leaders who are willing to step across the fence and do what’s best for America—not what will appease their most vocal constituents or boost their reelection chances.

Whatever you may think of Barack Obama, now is the time to congratulate him on his victory, respect his role as our nation’s leader, and recognize that no one will ever be the ideal candidate. A quote from Abraham Lincoln is a good reminder for us all, “Those who look for the bad in people will surely find it.”