Members of the Pratt County Planning and Zoning Board met Monday evening, Nov. 19, to finalize a resolution amending the zoning ordinance to address crew camps in the county. Minor changes were made to the original draft resolution to include enhancing the definition of campground.

Most of the confusion relating to the definition, related to the period of time RV campers would be allowed on a temporary basis during harvest and the period of time allowed for campers to be parked during family social events.

One member of the board said he would be gone if his relatives were to remain at his house in a camper for 30 days. Harvesters, it was decided, have a period of time during harvest season, which is governed by the weather. Additionally, members were in favor of allowing RV campers on oil and gas well sites during drilling operations.

Members decided to hold a public hearing relating to the adoption of a resolution considering campgrounds, crew camps, and manufactured home parks. The decision to hold the Dec.17th public hearing was passed by an 8-0 margin, with one member absent at the time of the vote.

In other matters, board members:

• Were informed that Lisa Petrowsky had submitted her resignation as recording secretary for the board, but stated she would remain through December.

• Were notified British Petroleum has submitted an application to erect a wind farm in Pratt County.

• Discussed the small cities in the county joining the countywide zoning program. Cullison, Iuka and Byers are the only three to agree to join the program at this time. The city of Coats is still a possibility according to Tim Branscom, Pratt County Zoning Administrator.

In the case of a small city zoning question, a public hearing will be held before the zoning board, a recommendation will be made to the city government and the city's elected officials will have the final say concerning any zoning matter in the community.

• Were notified British Petroleum (BP) has made a formal application for wind farm generation in Pratt County. Members have been asked not to discuss the intricacies of the application until after a public hearing. 534 properties affected by the BP wind farm will be notified concerning the proposal prior to holding a public hearing before the board. BP will be giving a presentation relating to their proposal before the board on Dec. 17th at the Stanion Meeting Room at Pratt Regional Medical Center.