A pickup jumped the curb and hit a downtown business late Friday morning.

A Pratt man was slightly injured and a business damaged late Friday morning when a pickup jumped the curb and crashed into the EBH engineering office in the 300 block of South Main.

Glen Pritchett, 87 of Pratt, was trying to park his 1998 Ford F150 pickup when his foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas, Pritchett said.

The pickup jumped the curb and hit the corner of the entrance of the EBH offices. Two large plate glass windows were broken to pieces while a third was cracked.

The force of the collision caused slight damage to a desk inside the building and scattered business papers across the floor. Broken glass fell inside the building but blinds stopped most of it from hitting the desk.

The business was closed for the Thanksgiving weekend so no one was in the building when the accident occurred.

Pritchett suffered a deep cut to one hand but other than that was not injured. He refused transport to Pratt Regional Medical Center but did plan to go anyway by private vehicle.