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Blammo! 30 Rock's Liz Lemon Gets Married! Or Did She?
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Nov. 29, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Tina Fey and James Marsden | Photo Credits: Ali Goldstein/NBC
[Spoiler alert, dummies: This post reveals Liz Lemon's marital status so if you haven't seen this week's 30 Rock, grab some Cheesy Blasters and get to it!]
Harry Truman was right! Anything's possible!
On Thursday's episode of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon - or should we call her Tina, wink wink - said "I do" and married boyfriend Criss Chross (James Marsden) at New York City Hall with her boss and mentor Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), her ex-boyfriend Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters) and Tony Bennett looking on.
The happy ending followed a very sad beginning, when Liz (Tina Fey) learned she wasn't pregnant and drowned her sorrows in a big ol' plate of disco fries. During her pity party she stumbled upon Dennis Duffy, his beer-chugging wife and their adopted child "Black Dennis" - an encounter that inspired Liz and Criss to get engaged "Top Gun-style" because being married would help their adoption chances.
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It wasn't the most romantic proposal in the world - a few light years from it - but it hit just the right tone for 30 Rock fans, who know all too well that being a mom has always been much more important to her than being a wife. Ergo (not Argo, dummy!), Liz donned her oldest sweatshirt and no bra to show Criss what a silly informality she thought getting married was. After all, Liz never, ever lets society tell her how to think, damnit! Fortunately, Criss knew what was really up and pretended to forget his birth certificate and invited Dennis along to get Liz to admit she did care about their big day, just a little.
In the end, our girl got to be a princess for a day - Princess Leia, to be exact - but she did it on her terms. Now all she has to figure out is how to tell Criss they're not going to name their child "Frisbee"!
What did you think of Liz Lemon's big day? Was it all you imagined it would be? Do you think it was the right time for her to tie the knot? Weigh in with your thoughts on the wacky ceremony and the episode overall (can we talk about that Harriet Tubman dream sequence?)!
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