A black cat crossing one's path is considered to be unlucky, but it was the feline that suffered the misfortune when it wandered into the view of one or more humans.

Kebab, as he has become known, was pierced by an arrow sometime before Thanksgiving. He was seen in the Cairo area but eluded capture for four days. On Nov. 19, he was caught and taken to the Pratt Area Humane Society. Hungry, dehydrated, afflicted with parasites and skewered, his luck began to improve.

He is now recovering at Dr. Pam Howell's Sunflower Veterinary Clinic near Preston, after surgery to remove the arrow that fortunately missed the lungs and other vital organs. He is scheduled for another operation, to repair a broken hip that Howell said is an old injury.

"I can't imagine it was an accident," she said of the shooting. "He's a pretty small target."

The cat is or was somebody's pet, she speculated, commenting on his tameness; however nobody has claimed him.

When Kebab is ready to leave the hospital, he will go home to a new family. The Sheriff's Department is asking for tips about the shooting, Howell said. Call 672-4133 to report information.