The Skyline T-Bird basketball teams had their eighth annual T-Bird classic tournament last Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night. There were four teams at the high school tournament. The teams were Pretty Prairie, Skyline, Sedgwick and Stafford. Each team got to play each other once.

"We played really well the first two games against Stafford and Sedgwick but not so good against Pretty Prairie," junior Kadi Richardson said. "The Sedgwick games was more of a challenge because we never played them before, so we didn't know who could do what and their posts were a lot bigger and better defensively," Richardson said.

Before the beginning of each game all the teams had a 3-point and a free-throw competition. The Skyline boys' 3-point shooter was junior Cole Patterson and the free-throw shooter was sophomore Justin Holtz. The girls' 3-point shooter was junior Kaitlyn Stark. It was her second year in the competition. The girls free-throw contest shooter was junior Brooke Fisher.

"I thought it was fun, but also a challenge being the in the competition," Patterson said.

Stark got first in the 3-point competition out of four people and Patterson got third.

"I was in the lead for the second night, so I felt pretty good until the third night," Patterson said.

Holtz got third in the free-throw competition out of four people and Fisher ended up getting fourth.

Colin Little is a sophomore at Skyline School.