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What is really important?
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By Brandon Case
Brandon Case has spent the majority of his life living near the 99th Meridian, an imaginary line used for mapping purposes that circles the earth and runs through the North and South Poles.
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By Brandon Case
Dec. 20, 2012 6:26 p.m.

Often, as our lives spin at an increasingly faster pace, it becomes easy to lose sight of what is real and what is important. We so willingly, it seems, become caught up in our individual orbits and lose sight that our orbit is a miniscule part of a much larger universe.
What is really important? That is a question each one of us will have to answer someday. If we would pull back the layers and the superficiality that covers of our lives, I think we will reach the same conclusion. What really matters is our family, our relationships with God and those we love, and the service we give to others. Interestingly enough, as I was composing this blog, I was treated to a mini loaf of quick bread and a short Christmas carol by four members from my church. It was just a small act of service which I appreciated, as well as did the others, I suspect, who the foursome sang to this same evening.
When it gets down to it, there is so much dross in our lives. To reveal the beautiful silver that we are, we may have to go through the refiner’s fire to remove the impurities.
One way this happens is through death and loss. Death comes to us all. For some it happens too soon. For others, life stretches on longer than they ever imagine it and perhaps they are ready to go on. But it is not their time yet. Loss is especially difficult this time of year, and death not only tests the one going through the final steps of this life but also leaves its burden on those left behind. Over time, we all have to move on from our losses and hopefully learn something along the way.
My Christmas wish for us all is that we can burn away the dross in our lives and get down to what truly matters, what is most important. Our time on earth is limited and I hope we all discover our higher sense of purpose before we exit this life.

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