Citrus provides a refreshing Christmas gift.

Though the Christmas holidays are behind us, we have just begun celebrating with extended family. My brother-in-law and his partner arrived last evening from California and brought us the traditional gift of California citrus. This year they showered us with over 50 mandarin oranges, picked from a neighbor’s tree!

If we are fortunate to see our California relatives during the winter months, we are often blessed with blood oranges, lemons and/or mandarin oranges. The fruits are in season during this time and the gift is well received in our home where parents and children delight in fresh citrus.

Fruit picked from the tree is so much more juicy and flavorful than the ones you purchase at the supermarket. And it’s good to know there aren’t any pesticides or wax coatings applied to our organic Christmas gift. Next to a bottle of wine, the best gift you can give me is fresh citrus!