PRMC reports at weekly meeting of county commissioners.

Hilary Dolbee, chief financial officer for Pratt Regional Medical Center, told Pratt County Commissioners groundbreaking for the new hospital facility will be sometime in the first of March. Dolbee said the facility is currently in the design development phase and staff has been holding weekly and bi-weekly meeting to facilitate the process.

The first action to be taken at the facility is the demolition of the triangular addition on the front of the building (the drive thru area).

"The PRMC Gift Shop will be closed and the volunteers will walk patients to their destinations," said Dolbee. "We want to thank the volunteers for being able to provide this service."

Dolbee said PRMC is working with the City of Pratt on electrical problems at this time. When questioned as to why PRMC had not gone to the city previously for assistance, she said, "We did not know about the problems until now. It would have cost at least $25,000 for a study and I was not ready to spend that much until the plans were complete."

Additionally, Dolbee said the $5 million wish list she had previously mentioned referred to furniture, fixtures and equipment desired or wanted for the facility.

"We will have eight operating rooms instead of four," said Dolbee. "That is going to take more money and I can't afford every bell and whistle.

Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur told commissioners, the City of Pratt was prepared to give the county a deed to a 28-foot strip of property immediately west of the hospital with the exception of a small site where a city well is located near the gazebo area. Commissioners accepted the offer and Schmisseur is to prepare the documentation for the transfer.

PRMC Chief Executive Officer Susan Page and Jeanette Gaider were also present to present a report to commissioners to document activities completed by Agape Health Care this past year.

Page said the services provided by the program amounted to more than $130,000 to uninsured patients over the past year. According to Page, services were provided to 236 patients, of which 206 were from Pratt County.

"We'll be phased out, when affordable health care goes into effect in 2014," said Page.

In other matters, commissioners:

• Were informed the storage building at Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake, is nearly completed.

• Held 10-minute executive sessions for non-elected personnel with Ken Van Blaricum, Mark McManaman, and Vernon Chinn.

• Received the resignation letter from Pratt County Under Sheriff Buford Johnson.

• Approved paying $2,860 for Kansas Association of Counties membership.

• Signed the Annual Noxious Weed Eradication Progress Report.

• Were informed the first "Man Camp" application has been filed for approval. The "Man Camp" was for 9 RV units and a total of 25 people. A public water supply would be required to support a camp of this size.

• Were informed three volunteers were being trained to assist the elderly with filing their income taxes this year.