Increasing opportunities to purchase liquor in Kansas is not a good idea.

The coalition of grocery stores, convenience stores, and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce known as Uncork Kansas is completely missing the point in its attempts to change liquor laws to allow the sale of hard liquors at a wider range of locations.

What happens when you make it easier to purchase a product? The impulse buyer ends up taking home a fifth of Jack Daniels along with the milk and diapers. This impulse purchase has potentially serious consequences. Alcohol is a highly addictive product. The more frequently it is consumed the greater the potential for addiction.

Why would the State of Kansas want to make it easier for its citizenry to become addicted, with all of the societal costs it brings, such as alcohol’s destructive influence on families? Does the state really want to pay the price of increased motor vehicle fatalities, the majority of which are alcohol-related?

Rather than increase access to whiskey and its cousins let’s leave the liquor laws alone. Humans will likely always have addictive tendencies. Rather than encourage and sanction this behavior, the state should strictly regulate the availability of the catalyst for addiction.

Kansas doesn’t have to be a follower but can remain a leader in limiting opportunities to purchase alcohol. Let’s leave the cork in Kansas.