Andy and Callie Jones got something they weren't expecting on Christmas morning. Their twin girls, Kendall Marie and Laycie Nicole, decided to make an unscheduled entrance into the world.

Andy and Callie Jones got something they weren't expecting on Christmas morning. Their twin girls, Kendall Marie and Laycie Nicole, decided to make an unscheduled entrance into the world.

"She said she wanted to go to the hospital at a quarter to eight," said Andy. "At 8:10 she said, 'We really need to go to the hospital,' and at 8:15 it was on."

However, because of a flat tire, the Joneses were not able to leave for the hospital.

Andy dialed 911, and first responders were soon on their way.

"We got called for an OB emergency south of El Dorado on Dec. 25 around 8:30 a.m.," said EMS Capt. Jason Runnalls. "When we came into the house, she had just had the first one."

The first baby, Laycie, wasn't breathing, so Runnalls started resuscitating her.

"She did good," he said. "The first part was a little scary. She just needed a little help."

"That whole thing's kind of a blur," said Andy. "There were people running around."

His house was indeed bustling with activity as Runnalls, Rick Brown, Steve Storm, Jeff Johnson and Joe Menadue of the EMS Department, Sheriff deputy Kellen Morris and El Dorado firefighters Dylan Woodbridge and Derick Boggs were all there to help.

Alysha Haines, an obstetrics nurse who is a friend of the couple, was also there.

"They called me out," she said. "Laycie was already born. I kept Kendall in all the way to the hospital."

Kendall was born shortly after Callie arrived at Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital.

On Wednesday, those who helped the family on Christmas morning gathered at the EMS headquarters in El Dorado to be reintroduced to the babies.

"We owe every one of you in this room thanks," said Andy. "The reason we can kiss our two little girls goodnight is because of you guys and God."

"How they were born and how they turned out was amazing," said Runnalls. "I'm excited to see them again."

"These babies are miracles in every sense of the word," said Andy. "There's still times we'll be sitting there and look at each other and just shake our heads. We're still trying to wrap our minds around what happened."

Callie had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the day after Christmas, during which a C-section birth was to be planned for the next week. But the girls, who were breech throughout the pregnancy, had other plans.

"I just knew from the time I realized the cord was coming out and a foot was coming out, I knew it was bad," said Callie. "I did a lot of praying in a short amount of time."

Kendall spent four days at SBA and Laycie spent six days at Wesley Medical Center, with some of that time in the neonatal intensive care unit.

"I remember after everything wound down I looked at him and said, 'What just happened?'" said Callie. "It hit me like a wall realizing how it could have gone."

"If we would have been 30 seconds [later]," said Runnalls, "it would have been a different deal."

"It's amazing how it worked out," said Callie. "We're glad for the opportunity to meet with you guys and thank you. It's a Christmas miracle. That's the only thing I can say."

Runnalls said the responders usually get called to bad situations, so being part of one that had a happy ending was nice.

"It definitely made our Christmas a lot better," he said.

Callie, who also has two older sons, said Laycie is awake a lot and is very animated, while Kendall sleeps a lot.

"They're starting to make a lot of noise," she said.

In addition to the first responders, the Joneses would like to thank SBA staff who helped.

"They were instrumental as well," Andy said of Dr. Cathy Cooper, Dr. Diane Nightingale, Dr. Chris Bird, Dr. Crystal Faudere, anesthesiologist Tom McKibban and his associate, as well as all of the nurses they encountered.

"They're kind of the stars of this whole deal," said Andy. "We just can't tell you guys thanks enough."

"We're just glad you guys would come up here and show us how they turned out," said Runnalls. "Several days after that all I could think about was them."