Broadcasting project a work in progress.

The yearbook and newspaper classes at Skyline High School have been taking on a new challenge this month.

Judy Hampel's classes have been working on video productions.The students in these classes are creating broadcasts and other videos for Skyline.

Hampel had to assign a video project to fulfill requirements for the state of Kansas. A guest speaker came and spoke to the classes about video production before Christmas break. Grant Neuhold from the Kiowa County Media Center talked to the classes about different terms and roles that people take on in video production.

"It turned out a lot better than I was expecting it to," senior Harley Weaver said.

Weaver and her yearbook class have prepared a basketball introduction featuring some of the varsity players for the 2012-2013 season. Hampel said the class had seen similar videos from other schools and her class wanted to make one.

"It was frustrating getting the timing right. It all came together fairly easy in the end, once I knew what I was doing," Weaver said.

She said the yearbook class enjoyed working on something different and plan on doing similar videos in the future.

The newspaper class has also been working on video production. Their upcoming broadcast is about what Skyline is doing to keep students safe with its latest security features.

"We wanted the second project to be a public awareness project so people know what Skyline is doing to protect the kids," Hampel said.

Hampel said she had worked on video projects in the past, but never to this scale.

"It's been fun," Hampel said. "It's been a new experience, and it's made me realize that I need some training in broadcast production. We've really learned it all together."

"We got a lot out of doing our first broadcast and think it would be a good idea to make more," senior Tony Marquez said.

Marquez and four other students worked on the project together. Marquez wrote the script. Sophomores Jenessa Corbet and Colin Little were the camera operators.

Seniors Katelyn Kumberg and Patty Ibarra produced, directed and edited the broadcast.

The broadcast news video is still in production. The basketball video is on the Skyline website, located under the activities menu when you click on basketball. It can also be seen on the school's Facebook page.

Ascha Lee is a junior at Skyline School.