South Central Kansas Community Corrections Agency Director Dave Wiley, reported activities for the first six months of the 2013 fiscal year to commissioners Monday afternoon.

The report reflected statistics from all four counties in the program (Pratt, Barber, Kingman and Harper counties). Statistics included both adult and juvenile programs from July 1 through Dec. 31, 2012.

Of the 30 adult offenders in the program, 13 were from Pratt County, one from Barber, nine from Harper and seven from Kingman during the first six months. Fifteen of the 30 had been in the community corrections program previously, while 15 were new to the program. Five individuals had been in prison previously.

Twenty-two individuals successfully completed the program, while eight had their probations revoked (two for new crimes and six for technical violations). Clients completed 1,237 hours of community service, paid the courts $34,330.20 and earned wages of $339,673.01. Of the 1,426 drug and alcohol tests given, 47, or four percent, were positive.

There were 14 anger management referrals in the district (12 males and two females) during the period with eight being from Pratt County. Twelve individuals completed the program successfully, while two were unsuccessful because they did not attend classes as required.

Eleven of the 14 had prior convictions for verbal and/or physical abuse, 10 had a history of drug and alcohol and prior mental health treatment.

Among the four juveniles (one from Pratt) in the juvenile intake program, two had a history of drug and alcohol abuse with all four having only one biological parent in their home.

JISP clients completed 97 hours of community service work, paid $1,842.50 to the courts and of the 39 drug and alcohol tests given, three (eight percent) were positive.

Of the three individuals in the Juvenile Justice Authority program, all were successful in completing the program with two being reintegrated with their families.

Of the 42 individuals in the Truancy Program, 20 were from Pratt County (18 from USD 382 and two from USD 438).

The Juvenile Intake and Assessment Program contained a total of 90 clients (51 from Pratt County). Fifty-eight individuals were male, while 32 were female. Eighty-two were non-Hispanic, while eight were Hispanic. Thirty-five individuals were returned to their parents or guardians, 23 were returned to a relative, six were placed in foster care, six were placed in shelter facilities, 18 went to detention, and two went to psychic wards.

The Juvenile Justice Authority (JJA) will be integrated into Community Corrections completely in the near future. JJA personnel will be transferred to Community Corrections. It is hoped that funds from the JJA program will not be used funding other programs once the transfer is made, according to Wiley.

In other matters, commissioners:

• approved Robert Schmisseur continuing as Pratt County Counselor after having served his probationary period.

• were informed by Pratt County Environmental Director Dean Staab, he has replaced two tires on the scraper at the Pratt County Landfill at a cost of $1,600 each.

Staab informed commissioners a check for $4,500 has been received from International Paper for recycling materials. Pratt County's share of the proceeds amounted to approximately $3,500, according to Staab.

A new permit manager has been assigned to Pratt County Landfill by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, according to Staab.

Additionally, Staab recommended the county purchase a truck from Southwest Truck, which was being tried at the landfill, for $7,500.

• signed checks for RSVP Director Tiffany Ailstock. Pratt County Commissioner Glenna Borho was notified she needed to sign the signature cards at First National Bank.

• were introduced to Rhonda Hammond by Pratt County Attorney Ken Van Blaricum. Hammond is a new employee in his office.

• were informed by Pratt County Emergency Services Director Mark McManaman, electrical problems are being experienced with the 2010 Ford ambulance.

• held 10-minute executive sessions with Van Blaricum, McManaman and Pratt County Commissioner Joe Reynolds relating to non-elected personnel.

• filed a contract, approved by Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur, with Foster & Associates, until needed.