Scripture:   Exodus 40:34 NIV  Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle

Observation:   In chapters 25-31 we read God giving the specific details for building the tabernacle.  In chapters 35-39 we read of the specific details of the actual building of the tabernacle.  At the end of chapter 39 and throughout chapter 40 we read ten times that they did it “as the Lord commanded.”  And in verse 34 we read the results of their careful obedience:  “the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle.”                 

Application:  I can see that God rewards careful obedience with the glory of His presence!   I want to be careful to obey Him.  It is not that I have to obey, but He loves me and knows what is best for me.  It just makes sense to obey Him.   And what a reward!!!     

Prayer:   Lord, I know you do not always give me the details of what I am to do, but when you do, may I follow them carefully.     Amen 

Pastor Leon
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