When Mike Blair retired from Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism it didn't take him long to decide he wanted to continue using his videography skills to start a new career.

The outcome was "Creator Communications," a video business designed to tell the story of a business, a meeting and continue to share the great outdoors in Kansas, Blair said.

At KDWPT, Blair was in charge of Kansas Outdoors Today magazine. It featured stories and photos from across the state. He loved the outdoors and didn't want to let that go.

"I wanted to stay in touch with the outdoors," Blair said.

Although he retired from KDWPT, he was not ready to retire completely so he decided to start his own video company to continue telling stories but in an abbreviated form.

The focus of these video creations is aimed at commercial productions. They are brief one to two-minute presentations that tell a business story in a quick, precise manner.

"I create short content videos for commercial purposes," Blair said.

Over the years, Blair has accumulated extensive skills in photography and videography. He has learned advanced graphics techniques and has the capability to produce videos that are TV commercial quality. He can also produce video with music including music he writes himself or that is in the public domain.

Because he was kind of a one-man show at KDWPT, he has the capability to shoot, write and produce himself. With those skills, he can easily work directly with businesses, organizations, schools, banks or whatever entity to produce a product in a quick, efficient manner.

He wants to use his skills to take events like meetings and put together a package that will make it more exciting to watch, Blair said.

As a specialist in short video production, Blair said he could produce web site videos that meet the ideal 2 minutes and 40 seconds prime time length. He also specializes in shorter video production of 60 seconds.

While much of what he plans on doing will be aimed at the business world, he can help individuals or organizations tell their story in a very short time.

His story telling skills can be used effectively on the Internet at business web sites. Using the Internet will continue to be a vital factor for businesses in reaching customers.

With the continuing rise in the use of smart phones, people are turning more and more to the phone to make their business inquiries as opposed to sitting at a desktop or lap top computer.

The smart phone is always with the person and easier to carry than a lap top computer. Businesses want their information to go directly to the target audience and with a brief video presentation that information gets to the customer quickly, Blair said.

If the smart phone trend continues, when ten people want to look up information, 61 percent of the time they will go to the smart phone as opposed to a lap top computer.

After a smart phone inquiry, the person will contact the business within an hour whereas if they use a desktop it may take a month to make that inquiry, Blair said.

A one-minute video can provide the same amount of information as 15 minutes of talking. Blair wants to take that message to potential customers.

However, he still wants to work as much as possible with nature and wildlife, his passion for many years.

Blair plans on keeping his base of operations in Pratt but is willing to travel wherever his skills are needed. Visit mikeblairoutdoors.com for more information.

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