The National Weather Service predicts anther snowstorm, possibly starting out as rain, to hit the area over the weekend.

Kansas is bracing for another snowstorm that could drop three to four inches of additional snow starting Sunday night and continuing into Monday morning.

The biggest concern about this storm is the possibility of wind gusts reaching 40 mph, said Larry Ruthi, National Weather Service meteorologist in charge in Dodge City.

This storm comes on top of a snowstorm that started Tuesday night and brought three waves of snow through Wednesday and Thursday.

The wind with the next storm is a major concern for the weather bureau. If the sun shines and forms a crust on the 14 to 16 inches of snow already on the ground from the previous storm, it should not blow.

But, if the area doesn't get sunshine, drifting snow and low visibility could be a major problem when the next storm hits, Ruthi said.

"Anything that does move will move like crazy," Ruthi said.

It's possible the next storm could start as rain then change to snow but the storm system is too far away to know for certain if it will rain or just snow.

The previous storm brought 14 to 15 inches of snow to Pratt and from 14 to 16 inches across the area. Other area amounts were 17 inches in Sun City and 19 inches at Larned. The highest recorded snowfall in the state was 11.5 miles northeast of Russell with 22 inches.

Even though Pratt had from 14 to 15 inches of fairly wet snow, when translated into rain equivalent, it amounts to 0.7 inches of moisture, Ruthi said.

Pratt County still holds the record for the most snowfall in a 24-hour period with 30 inches in late March 2009.