Adults agree that child safety is an important topic; the trick is getting the kids to agree.

In an effort to reduce accidents by developing "safety-minded" youth, Kansas Farm Bureau has sponsored the KFB Safety Poster Program for over 50 years.

Each year thousands of youth in grades 1-6 participate statewide. Posters are judged on the county Farm Bureau level with the winning poster from each of the three divisions submitted for judging at the state level.

"An effective safety poster displays one main idea" says Rick Shriver, representative of Pratt County Farm Bureau. "We've seen some great posters over the years. It's always interesting to see what safety topics the kids choose for their posters. "

For additional information, contact the Pratt County Farm Bureau office at 310 E 2nd St. or email

The local contest will be held from Feb. 19 through March 4.