Pratt Community College takes action to correct federal compliance shortfalls found during Higher Learning Commission accreditation evaluation.

By Gale Rose
Getting Higher Learning Commission accreditation is vital to Pratt Community College. When the HLC reaffirmation panel completed their evaluation at PCC and revealed the college had two areas where they were short on meeting federal compliance issues, the college took immediate action.
"The administration and the Board of Trustees saw these serious issues and took immediate action to correct them," said PCC President William Wojciechowski.
One issue was the student complaint process. While the college had a complaint process in place it didn't have an adequate resolution and documentation process. Those issues were immediately addressed.
The president's council, that includes all the vice presidents, reviewed the policy and put modifications in place. Those modifications include documenting all student complaints, taking immediate action to resolve the issue and put procedures in place to assure the same issue will not appear again, Wojciechowski said.
The other federal issue was a lack of staff and support for students seeking financial aid. The college has added more staff and outsourced part of the operations so staff will have more time to deal with student issues. An appeals process has also been put in place through Lisa Miller, vice president of student-enrollment management.