Melting snow leaks through roof at Pratt Public Library

A wet spot on the carpet caused some quick action with plastic as librarians covered a bookshelf on the west wall of the Pratt Public Library after the leak was discovered late Saturday afternoon.

Melting snow on top of the library had leaked inside the building where the roof meets the west wall. The water had traveled down the wall, across a support for the suspended ceiling and dripped on the floor.

Arlan Hair, husband of librarian Ellen Hair, was called in and helped librarian Lea Ann Holland to discover the source of the leak and protect the library property.

Several of the suspended ceiling tiles got wet but the water did not get on any of the books, Holland said.

Hair and Holland used a pair of ladders to check the ceiling, locate the leak and put plastic on the walls.

Some computer equipment and a picture were moved away from the area of dripping water but they were not damaged.