After the cancellation or postponement of three tournaments due to the recent snowstorm, Pratt High Forensics took their next two tournaments by storm, winning both the Udall Invitational and the Kiowa County Novice Meet. Also, the team qualified six events for state championships and nine events for state festival, both held in May.

On March 2, the team took first place at the Udall Tourney, with 13 events making it to finals, then the novices turned around on Monday to get 14 events into finals with eight of those qualifying for festival.

The Udall tournament held "cut-throat" finals which meant that competitors could only use their scores from finals in order to place. This in turn meant that Pratt had to be at its strongest after a day of competing.

Despite a 5 a.m. bus ride and a long day of performing, Pratt managed a win over Ark City, Mulvane, Pretty Prairie, Collegiate, El Dorado and nine other teams.

At the Kiowa County novice tournament on March 4, Pratt's strongest competition was from Dodge City, but since the tourney took the top 12 scores in finals round and despite Dodge's larger numbers, Pratt beat Dodge City 221 to 215.

In order to participate at the novice tournament, teams had to bring student judges, and third-or-fourth-year forensics students participated as judges: Sidney Harrison, Garrett Johnston, Dustin McGraw, Quiana Pico, and Anna Stotts.

The following lists show how the team members contributed to Pratt's two outstanding wins. (Numbers qualifying for champs or festival are based on the total number of entries at the start of the tournament for that event: The larger number of entries, the more students can qualify for state.)


Qualifying for State Champs

1st – Sidney Harrison in Serious Solo

1st – Garrett Johnston and Dustin McGraw in Improvised Duet Act (IDA)

1st – Adele Loomis in Extemporaneous Speaking

1st – Joseph Loomis in Oration

2nd – Courtney Blankenship in Oration

2nd – Sidney Harrison in Informative Speaking

Qualifying for State Festival

3rd – Sam Eastes in Serious Solo

4th – Miranda Flemming and Emma Fowler in Duet Act

Medaling in finals

3rd – Katie Buhler in Informative Speaking

5th – Joseph Loomis in Extemporaneous Speaking

6th – Adele Loomis in Oration

6th – Dustin McGraw in Informative Speaking

7th – Samantha Harrison and Taylor Moreland in IDA

Adding points to team

Lauren Beardsley, Hailee Colerick, Elee Hampton, Hazen Hance, Johnathon Hurt, Lauren Voss, Haley Wolfe

Kiowa County

Qualifying for State Festival

1st – Katie Buhler in Extemporaneous Speaking

1st – Chloe Cannata in Oration

1st – Zach Stone in Poetry

1st – Katie Buhler in Informative Speaking

2nd – Miranda Flemming in Oration

2nd – Lauren Beardsley in Humorous Solo

3rd – Delaney Skaggs in Poetry

6th – Chloe Cannata in Prose

Medaling in finals

3rd – Spencer Sullivan in Informative Speaking

3rd – Samantha Harrison in Humorous Solo

4th – David Schotte in Extemporaneous Speaking

5TH – Emma Fowler in Extemporaneous Speaking

5th – Emma Fowler and Miranda Flemming in Duet Act

7th – Delaney Skaggs in Oration

Adding points to team

Hailee Colerick, Hazen Hance, Caley Nickelson, Josh Powell, Charity Violetti