Comfort Suites hotel also ranked at the top by guests.

Being exceptional is getting to be a habit for the Pratt Comfort Suites hotel. For the fourth year in a row, they have earned "Platinum Award" status given to the top three percent of hotels in Comfort Suites brand of Choice Hotels.

Not only are they in the top three percent of Comfort Suites but also the Pratt hotel has received the top ranking among all 589 Comfort Suites in the country, said Comfort Suites Manager Shelley Shaw.

Comfort Suites in Pratt has 20 employees, 67 rooms and opened on March 24, 2008. Rankings are based on guest surveys and company standards.

As the top ranked Comfort Suites on the list, they have been nominated for the Choice Hotels "Inn of the Year" for Comfort Suites. If they were selected, the Pratt Comfort Suites would be the No. 1 Comfort Suites hotel in the United States.

The success of Pratt Comfort Suites is because of the quality people that work for the hotel. It is their dedication and attention to detail that made the award possible, Shaw said.

"I'm lucky I have such a good staff," Shaw said. "It's all about the customer service."

Also nominated for the top position were the No. 2 and No. 3 ranked Comfort Suites hotels: No. 2 Flowood, Miss. and No. 3 Ontario, Calif. that was No. 1 in the 2012 rankings.

Pratt Comfort Suites hotel has continually improved their Platinum Award rating over the past four years cracking the top three percent with a 14 ranking three years ago followed with a six ranking the next year and a three ranking in 2012.

The Platinum rankings are based on strict company brand standards and guest surveys. The guest surveys include the likelihood the guest would recommend the staff service and the overall condition of the rooms.

Brand standards look at a wide variety of elements inside and outside the hotel. Each element is evaluated and a final rating reveals how close the hotel came to meeting all brand standards.

Brand standards are evaluated when a person, unknown to the staff, makes an unannounced visit to the hotel and scores every element of the standards very precisely. In the case of the Pratt Comfort Suites, the hotel scored a 99.05 percent on meeting brand standards.

"The standards are very strict," Shaw said. "Everything has to be compliant."

Before the choice of the No. 1 Comfort Suites in the county, the hotel will be inspected again. A member of the Choice Hotels Owners Council will make an announced visit some time in March to evaluate the hotel and staff.

Hotel staff members will be chosen at random for interviews to evaluate the human element of the operations.

Other judging factors include operational excellence, Human resources practices, exterior architecture/curb appeal, public areas, sleeping room and brand profile.

The results of "Inn of the Year" will be announced at the Choice Hotels annual convention in May in Los Angeles.