Her brain advances as she ages

Tuesday afternoon I was heading into Wichita to see my sister when Baby Chickadee loudly--and menacingly, as I look back on the event--said from the back seat, "Mommy, looook." I turned around to see my toddler with an ornery grin on her face. "A BOOGIE," she explained, heavy emphasis on the second word.  She even waved her finger around for me to get a better view.
Per our routine, I reached for a Kleenex while replying, "Ooh yucky!"
But in the middle of my teenily short statement she hollered, "NO! No clean it up!" Then, only a titch more quietly, "I play with it."
I turned in surprise and found the still ornery grin attached to the face of a toddler mischievously playing with the dried snot that would have made her stick out her tongue in disgust and beg me to clean it off her hands a mere two days prior.
But her brain advances as she ages (here might be a good place to insert a question mark), and this more mature brain has decided it's greater fun to play with the stickiness and make her mom squeal instead of having clean hands. Watch out, those who watch her in the church nursery. Her boogies may make an appearance.