Students that have earned enough credits to graduate at the end of the first semester at Skyline cannot officially graduate then. They have to wait until May for spring graduation.

That may change soon.

The Skyline board of Education took under consideration a policy change that would let those students that had earned enough credit to graduate at the semester. Currently, the school doesn't have early graduation on their policy, said Skyline Superintendent Mike Sanders.

"We're going to weigh all our options and visit this again in May to see if this will be our policy," Sanders said.

In Kansas, if a student has not graduated from high school they cannot apply for scholarships, said Becca Flowers, Skyline grade school principal and counselor.

If a student could graduate at the semester, it would free that student to apply for scholarships that could help pay for college courses in the spring semester. It would be an economic advantage for the students, Flowers said.

While graduating early would have some financial benefits for the student, it would also mean the student would not be able to participate in spring activities and sports but they could walk at graduation in May with the other seniors, Sanders said.

"It would be a big decision for the student," Sanders said.

Very few students meet the mid- year graduation requirements so if the policy were passed it would not affect many students.

This was the first time the idea had been presented to the board. It will be considered for a vote at the May board meeting.

While the decision on early graduation will take place later, the decision on more trees on the north side of the football field has been decided.

The pine trees in the tree row all died and had to be removed leaving some gaps in the windbreak.

In a unanimous decision, the board approved the purchase of 27 cedar trees from the Pratt Tree Farm.

The trees are $125 a piece and the cost of transporting the trees to the school is $1,620. Total price for the trees is $5,395.

The best time to purchase the trees for planting is now and the school got a reduction in price so it is a good time to buy, Sanders said.

In other action, the board:

n approved Andrew Ramirez to teach English and Spanish.

n accepted the resignation of Alisha Montgomery as second grade teacher and approved the hiring of Nancy Bixler and Darci Poland for second grade teacher positions.

n approved the resignation of Brian Hogan as bus driver. Hogan will be entering the military.