Pratt County commissioners asked Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur to take a more detailed look at state statutes regarding Iuka's request to start a recycling program.

The Kansas Solid Waste Management Act places responsibility for solid waste upon county government and in effect dictates a countywide approach to solid waste management. According to the statutes, this affects more than one governmental agency.

Thus, it is mandatory to determine: how much the individual agencies are willing to do together, to what degree solid wastes will be regulated, what parts of the system will be operated or regulated, what parts of the system will be operated or furnished by the counties and what parts of the system will be handled by private industries, and by what means (contract of franchise).

Commissioners were concerned that opening the door for one community to start its own recycling program, which could potentially send the materials not to the local landfill, or recycling center, but out of county. Previously, the city of Pratt had asked to do something similar and was turned down, according to Pratt County Commissioner Joe Reynolds.

Reynolds stated he felt Iuka could start their program, but the recyclables would have to be taken to the Pratt County Recycling Center instead of out of county. Additionally, the city would have to get a permit from the state of Kansas. This is how the countywide solid waste management program for the county has been interpreted previously, according to Reynolds.