Sunday event divided into three segments: attend them all or choose one of particular interest.

Pratt High Forensics now is gearing up for state competition on Saturday, May 4th. A total of 40 events qualified for state this year, with 22 for championships and 18 for festival.

With the limit of 16 events per team for championships, however, coach Rose Beilman has had to winnow the champs list down. Also because 4A competition is split between Topeka's championships and Wichita's festival, more choices had to be made in dividing the team between the two competitions.

On Sunday, April 28th, the state qualifiers will be performing their events for the community, but because of the large size of the team and the large number of events qualified for state, the performance will be split into three times, as noted below.

The public is invited to attend this celebration of our youth's speaking and acting abilities. Admission is free, but please be quiet when entering because a performance may be in progress.

The showcase will be held at Liberty Middle School Auditorium.

Beginning at 2 p.m. and lasting approximately an hour and 15 minutes

1. Miranda Flemming "Is the Energy Worth It?" - Original Oration

2. Zach Stone and Anna Stryker discuss IDA.

3. Austin Boshart - Poetry

4. Elee Hampton "Just Like Anybody Else" - Informative Speaking

5. Delaney Skaggs - Poetry

6. Chloe Cannata - Prose

7. Zach Stone - Poetry

8. Lauren Beardsley - Humorous Solo

9. Chloe Cannata "Coffee or Care?" - Original Oration

10. Katie Buhler "No Fun in the Sun: JDM" - Informative Speaking

The following will start performances at 3:30 p.m. if possible, depending on the ending time of the prior performance

1. Quiana Pico - Serious Solo

2. IDA-ers, Garrett Johnston and Dustin McGraw, Lauren Voss and Delaney Skaggs, describe the challenges and joys of IDA.

3. Joshua Ash "Lightening Bolts and Totenkopfs" - Informative Speaking

4. Adele Loomis explains Extemporaneous Speaking.

5. Cambry Schrag "The Last Warrior" - Informative Speaking

6. Courtney Blankenship "What Do You Want from Me?" - Original Oration

7. Adele Loomis "One Glyph at a Time" - Original Oration

8. Cole Fincham and Evan Fowler - Duet

The following will start at 4:30 p.m., if possible, depending on ending time of prior performance.

1. Sidney Harrison - "The Power of Names" - Informative speaking

2. Joseph Loomis - "Streisand, Brown, and Wonder?" - Original Oration

3. IDA-ers Jacob Schaefer and Ethan Sharp describe IDA.

4. Sam Eastes - Serious Solo

5. Spencer Sullivan - "Awesome and Legendary" - Informative Speaking

6. Sidney Harrison - Serious Solo

7. Anna Stotts "Paris of the North?" - Informative Speaking

8. Brittnee Hill and Sam Eastes - Duet