Skyline second grade teacher RuthAnn Barker had a cookout and sleepover for her second graders.

Barker had the celebration for all of the students in her class who reached their goal of 100 books each and 2,000 books as a class. Barker has been doing this annual event for the past ten years and has never had a student not reach the goal.

"It's a time to celebrate their success in reading," Barker said.

The cookout is usually down at the river near Barker's home, but since the weather was not the best, they had it at Lemons Park. Barker and her husband cooked hotdogs for the students, and the two adult guests that each student got to invite. They made s'mores later that day.

"I invited my mom and dad as my guests because I like them a lot," second grader Adam Younie said.

After the cookout Barker brought the students back to the school. They laid out their sleeping bags and pillows and watched movies. Lights out was at midnight.

"My favorite movie that we watched was 'Marley and Me' because the dog was cute and I love puppies," second grader Chloe Garvalena said.

They had a bright and early morning when Barker woke them up for a breakfast of donuts and juice.

"I really liked the sleepover better because you got to watch movies and play on iPods," second grader Kady Anschutz said.

Patty Ibarra is a senior at Skyline School.