Three Wildlife and Parks employees and six Pratt County Master Gardeners (Fay Miller, Linda Broce, Diana Hemphill, Willa Beth Mills, Erin Crouch and Carol Stull) and one that was both (Yolanda Mendoza) met Saturday morning to finish clearing the site at the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism museum to plant a pollinator garden.

Native Kansas plants that will attract insects and butterflies that feed on pollen were placed on top of the ground, according to a diagram. Mulch was added, then dirt. Finally large rocks were strategically placed.

Irrigation will be added in another work session and a weekly maintenance schedule will be developed to keep the area weed-free so the native plants can flourish.

The project is a cooperative effort of KDWPT, Master Gardeners and Natural Resources Conservation Service offices of Pratt and Stafford counties

The Pratt County Master Gardeners now include 20 people, after 14 completed a series of classes this spring in Pratt. They have several projects planned to complete the required number of volunteer hours.