With school ending next week, elementary school grades are rounding out the year with field trips.

First and second grade both took trips to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. On Wednesday, second grade did a scavenger hunt in the museum, learned about Kansas animals, and got a brief history of the department.

After their tour, the second graders stopped at Lemon Park to go for a walk on the nature trail.

"We let them take their scavenger list on the trail to see if they could spot any animals they had learned about," second grade teacher Alisha Montgomery said.

While the second grade was at the wildlife and parks, the kindergarten took a field trip to Great Bend, where they went to the zoo.

Other trips at Skyline include a first grade trip to Tanganyika in Goddard, a second grade trip to the Sedgwick county zoo, and an eighth grade trip to the movie theater. All these will be taking place on Tuesday.

Montgomery said that the second graders will be spending all day on their trip, leaving at 8 a.m. and returning around 3:30 p.m. The teachers plan for this day to be a relaxing day of fun for the kids on their last full day of school.

Eighth grade class sponsor Joyce Depenbusch said that her students are planning to watch "The Hunger Games" at the Barron Theater on Tuesday afternoon. The students voted on what movie they wanted to watch on their last day of middle school since they graduate that night.

Ascha Lee is a junior at Skyline School.