Process is on track for selection by mid-July.

The list of potential candidates for Pratt Community College president was cut to 12 Wednesday.

Working from a starting pool of 23 applicants, the 18-member presidential search committee has reviewed applications and determined the dozen that are the best qualified to continue in the president selection process, said Eric Webb, assistant to the president for planning and assessment.

Originally, 26 submitted applications but three were immediately eliminated because they did not have enough senior leadership experience, leaving 23 for consideration. Applicants range from Kansas to Missouri to Nebraska to Oregon and Florida, Webb said.

The next step in the process for the 12 remaining candidates is a video interview based on a list of questions. The questions will be about why the person thinks they would be a good president, what is the most important part of the president's job, discussing a mistake they made and how they fixed it and other questions.

Each candidate will get the same list of questions that do not have a single correct answer. Candidates will each have 11 minutes to answer the questions and make their case.

The presidential search committee will review the videos and cut the field from 12 to six by June 10.

Those candidates will be invited to come to campus and have face-to-face interviews with the Board of Trustees who will eventually select the new president from the list of six finalists, Webb said.

All this activity is scheduled to culminate in the selection of a new president in about two months.

"It's (selection process) on track with that schedule. I don't think it will be a problem to have a new president by the middle of July," Webb said.

The committee has an abundance of good candidates that have an impressive list of accomplishments. They will have a strong final list to present to the Trustees who must then make the final cut.

"It will definitely be a tough choice for the Board," Webb said.

The presidential search committee has 18 members: three PCC Trustees, four PCC employees, one PCC student and 10 community members. The members are a mixed demographic with an equal gender mix.

When the call for a new president went out it included a presidential profile with two specific qualifications: An earned doctorate degree from an accredited institute preferred with an earned master's degree from an accredited institute required; a minimum of three years of senior-level community college administrative experience or equivalent required.

The profile included 12 desired traits and characteristics. To view the traits and characteristics, visit and click on "President Search."