The reporter from the Pratt Tribune erred in reporting the circumstances surrounding the inability of Halstead and Pratt High Schools to reschedule baseball games.

It was reported earlier in the Tribune that Halstead High School was simply refusing to reschedule baseball games with Pratt High School, which could hurt Pratt’s seeding in post-season tournaments. That was poor, one-sided reporting on the part of this reporter, and for that I apologize. I did not contact Halstead for their side of the story.
Had I done so, I would have found out that attempts were made to reschedule the games, but that issues such as scheduling conflicts with both schools and lack of availability of umpires made the rescheduling impossible. It wasn’t simply that Halstead refused to reschedule. Efforts were made to reschedule, but nothing mutually agreeable could be worked out, according to Halstead athletic director Michael Estes.
This reporter apologizes for the misunderstanding created by my shoddy reporting.