Horizons Mental Health Center Director Mike Garrett told Pratt County commissioners Joe Reynolds and Glenna Borho what the state of Kansas does with the statewide sales tax, could significantly impact proposed budgets. If it is continued and not allowed to sunset, more funds would be available — if not, deep cuts could be coming in the near future.

Expansion of Medicaid and the Affordable Health Care Program will also impact the budget associated with KanCare.

"We are anticipating a 9 percent denial of treatment plans submitted to all three managed care providers," said Garrett. "Providers will have 14 days to approve or deny the plans. If no action is taken by the managed care providers, plans will be considered approved, according to a recent mandate by the state of Kansas, to help hurry the process along.

Additionally, new policies have been designed to get chronic no-show patients out of the program so individuals working through the program will have more space available.

Garrett said although Horizons Mental Health does not have all the answers necessary, it would have to continue forward and make budgetary changes when they become necessary.

According to charts provided by Sean Wagner of Horizons Mental Health, there has been a significant reduction in the number of average clients served per day in Pratt County during the first quarter of 2013. This reduction is related to staffing problems, according to Wagner. In 2012 there were 38 average clients served per day, while the first quarter of 2013 average is down to 30.

Wagner said new personnel have been hired and he looks to see the numbers come back into line with 2012 in the near future.