Youth for Christ South Central Kansas recently hosted a mentor appreciation dessert for mentors in the M.A.T.C.H. - Mentor a Teen; Create Hope, program. They now want to recognize the foundation that made that dessert as well as various other opportunities possible.

Last year, Whitney Kregar, mentor director, applied for the South Central Community Foundation grant, and received $500. The South Central Community Foundation is a regional foundation that manages charitable funds for seven counties in south-central Kansas. Every year it rewards significant dollars to Kiowa County schools and various organizations. Youth for Christ has benefited from the program for many years and is so grateful for their service to our communities.

Along with the dessert, the grant also allowed MATCH to cover KBI background checks, provide gift cards to each mentoring pair for a fun outing, and purchase devotional books for mentors and mentees to do together.

"This grant was an incredible opportunity to support and show appreciation for our mentors and mentees," Kregar said. It is such a vital relationship to the kids in our communities, and I am thankful that SCCF provided us the funds to build momentum."

If you are interested in caring for a student as a mentor with MATCH, contact Whitney at 620-546-4316 or by email at for more information.

YFC also received a South Central Community Foundation Grant for its Pratt County Ministries to help them purchase some "pub-style" tables and chairs, as well as a program T-shirts for their kids. The tables and chairs are used in their weekly ministry program, called Campus Life. Campus Life is held after school on Tuesdays during the school years in a room playfully dubbed "The Hole," in the basement of the Sears Building in Pratt.

YFC was able to purchase 48 T-shirts for their Pratt kids. This has helped promote cohesiveness in the students who come, as well helped promote the program when the shirts were worn. Many of the students are low-income, and could not even afford a shirt at cost. Since YFC has received this grant, it has been able to make sure that every student who wanted a shirt, regardless of their financial situation, could have one.

"I am so thankful for this grant," said Joel Williamson, executive director for Youth for Christ. "It has been fun to see our kids feel so excited about these shirts, which we were able to offer to many for no cost. A few kids, after receiving a free shirt, were so excited that they promised to wear them every Tuesday no matter what. They did!"