Rain, snow, hail and sleet and that was just May.

After a couple of years of drought conditions and unseasonably high temperatures, Pratt experienced weather in May that was much more like an average May but with better precipitation.

The weather station 1.6 miles south-southeast of Pratt reports a total of 6.49 inches of precipitation for the entire year so far, said Extension State Climatologist Mary Knapp.

Most of that precipitation, 4.46 inches, came in May. Byers led the county for May precipitation with 7.54 inches in May.

However, totals for the year vary across the county. At Preston, the total for the year is 5.66 inches and on the southwest edge of Pratt the total was 5.34 inches.

So the total amount of moisture in the county very much depends on the location of the reporting station.

Average precipitation in Pratt for the month of May is 3.69 inches figured from statistics from 1981 to 2010, Knapp said.

On average, June is the wettest month for Pratt with 4.23 inches of precipitation.

Since May produced higher than average precipitation, the area is doing much better than it has since the drought started.

"In Pratt, we're certainly in much better shape than last year," Knapp said. "Rainfall is approaching normal levels and temperatures are more moderate."

Right now a boundary line along Stafford, Pratt and Comanche Counties divides the state for good moisture. Go east of that line and moisture conditions look pretty good. Go west of that line and moisture amounts don't look so good.

On top of the lack of moisture, the western part of the state got hit with a hard freeze that killed off wheat even if it was under irrigation, Knapp said.

But with the positive rains in May and some in June, Pratt is in good shape as it progresses through June.

"The outlook is favorable," Knapp said. "It has started to recharge surface and subsurface levels. We have water in streams and it has given us some reserves."

In an average year, Pratt gets 27.4 inches of precipitation. At the end of May, Pratt was almost three inches of moisture ahead of normal.

The pattern that started in May needs to continue in June. Pratt needs normal average temperatures and precipitation.

However, June temperatures have jumped up into the 90s and some into the 100s and that will pull moisture in a hurry. The normal average high temperature in June is 81.5 degrees so current temperatures are higher than normal.

The outlook for June depends on the location in Kansas. The central and eastern parts of the state have a 50/50 chance of either above or below normal moisture and temperatures, the western third of the state is tilted toward dryer than average.

Pratt has a chance of more rain on Saturday.