Zoning ordinance tabled until next week.

Pratt County Commissioners Glenna Borho and Charles Rinke held down the fort this week as Joe Reynolds was absent due to illness. Much of the commission meeting was dedicated to budget proposals from county departments.

Two of the departments came in with proposed budgets the same as the previous year including: Treasurer Amy Jones ($168,200) and the Soil Conservation Service ($19,500).

Jones said, "This is the fourth year since I took office that I have not asked for an increase."

The annual budget for the 30th Judicial District, presented by District Court Clerk Johnna Roberts, was increased by $14,450. According to Roberts the increase was for hiring a new court reported.

"We are asking for an increase of about $15,000 for a court reporter. No one has applied … there seems to be little interest… the only call we've had was from a lady in Kansas City."

Jason Winkle presented the Solid Waste budget, which totaled $762,110. Personnel services increased 8 percent to $223,560, capital outlay remained at $10,000, commodities increased 20 percent to $90,000 due to fuel increases and repair costs, contractual services showed a 10-percent increase to $126,500… $49,408.50 in the red last year, insurance remained the same at $65,000, and specialized equipment also remained the same at $247,059.

In other matters commissioners:

• tabled the public hearing on the changes in the Pratt County Zoning Ordinance until next week.

Borho said, "We should have all three of us present… all of the project is in Joe's district… to be fair he should be here… we will postpone the hearing until June 17 at 5 p.m.

• discussed touring the WPX horizontal operation, Borho and County Counselor Robert Schmisseur indicated they would do so.

• approved Emergency Medical Director Mark McManaman purchasing two refurbished cardiac monitors for the ambulance service at a cost of $8,950 each. New monitors cost in the $30-35,000 range.

Commissioners also approved a memorandum of understanding with Kiowa County relating to use of Pratt County radio frequencies during an emergency.

• were informed by Winkle the loader was still not operating properly and a technician will be coming to look at it. Winkle also reported there is no water pressure at the landfill — possibly a pump problem, or something else.

• approved a resolution providing for the regulation of travel on certain county highways by the placement of a stop and yield signs and by modifying any conflicting existing traffic control devices. The resolutions specified stop signs be placed at the western terminus and east terminus of Northeast 5th St. and yield signs to be erected to control traffic on Northeast 140th Ave, at its intersection with Northeast 5th St.

• were informed by County Clerk Sherry Kruse the Sawyer audit is close to completion.

• decided not to participate in the sheriff's sale of a restaurant the county has a lien upon.

• briefly discussed concealed carry issues.