My work has recently involved spending a good deal of time filming at Pratt County lake, and in casual observations, I've come to much appreciate the work of Nick Birdsong, Lake Supervisor, in maintaining this area for visiting campers, fishers, and Pratt County residents.

Unfortunately, recreational users often leave trash and litter on the piers that could quickly become an eyesore. And again and again, I've seen Nick, working alone, get off a mower or stop his other work to walk over and pick up trash to help this area remain clean and inviting. I'm impressed by that.

It's nice to have maintained trash barrels on all fishing piers and camping areas, along with routine pick-up of that material. Weeds and grass are cut all around the lake, making it easy to fish and attractive to visit. The campsites always look clean and well-maintained, and I can see why a growing number of regional visitors use this pleasant area.

I don't really know Nick, but I'm impressed by what he does to take care of this resource. You quickly learn a person's work ethic when they perform well when "no one is watching." And that has been the case.

Thanks to him and others responsible for making our county lake a great place to camp, fish, or tour on an evening drive.

Mike Blair, Pratt