Just two years after graduating from pharmacy school at the University of Kansas, Andrew and Allison Morford are business owners.

"All through school, both of us wanted to be independent pharmacists," Allison Morford said. "That's something we had in common."

It's also why the couple, both natives of the Wichita area, chose to work in a rural area. In Wichita, they would have been limited to working for a chain pharmacy, she said.

He found a job with a pharmacy in Medicine Lodge, and she went to work for Larry Kneller at Pratt Medical Arts Pharmacy.

"I liked it well enough, when Larry needed to sell, we decided to go for it."

Kneller was ill and out of the pharmacy for much of the year that Morford worked for him, so she was used to "kind of running the show." Still, she wishes he had been alive to help them through the transition to ownership.

Kneller died Feb. 3.

They've upgraded computer software that dated back to the 1970s and are building a website that will give customers the ability to order prescription refills online.

The Morfords are assisted by one full-time employee and six who work part time.

When they're not working, they work in their yard, do projects and play with their three dogs. Allison described Andrew as a "real do-it-yourselfer."